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Welcome to One Generation Insurance LLC.  Home of a holistic realistic alternative to the modern insurance agency. We bring value to your premium by being the change you wish to see in the world.



We are a true commercial insurance agency by nature.

From small to large business, we have the perfect solution for all your business needs.  At One Generation Commercial Insurance, we have the most competitive markets for all lines of business for any industry. While most agents look to quote your policy and reduce your premium, we look at your entire program to minimize gaps, throw out unnecessary coverages, and improve the company’s risk management strategies with onsite programs. Our risk management program guarantees to lower your overall premium, and lower your risk of claims which are the biggest cost drivers in the insurance world. We currently work with all sized businesses, from a small part time business to multi-million dollar enterprises. We are bringing large agency power and combining it with small agency personal connection through a modern optimization of people and resources. We will stand by you and protect you in the event of any claim.

Call us now to get your full policy review and find out the good, the bad, and the unnecessary, with no obligation to change. We are here to help. Serving Virginia, Maryland, DC, and more. Call 703-951-7304 or email us through our Contact link.

We Specialize in | Contractors | Manufacturing | Wholesalers | Government Contractors | Cyber Security | IT | Garages and Repair Shops | Transportation | Staffing | Restaurants| Retail | And more…


One Generation Insurance Agency strives to get you the coverage you need which fits your current situation – without breaking the bank. We have helped family, friends, and want to help you find the right coverage for your auto, home, recreational, and life insurance.

We accomplish this by understanding your situation, identifying your insurance needs through a series of questions, and finding you the best coverages to give you peace of mind knowing that your family and belongings are in good hands. We work together with you to ensure that your policies are tailored to your needs and expectations. Call today for a quote!

Auto, Home, Motorcycle, Life… Get your quote now!


Why OG?

While tossing around the idea of starting this holistic insurance agency I spontaneously sat down with the closest writing utensil and paper to better understand my intentions. These are the words that came out, leading to the birth of One Generation:

Intention:  What are my intentions? Why do I want to start this business? – I want to start this business so I can achieve my personal legend… I don’t know what this business will lead me to but I know that by taking this leap of faith it will set me on my path to achieving my personal legend. I have hopes that this company will do much more than provide quality representation for personal and commercial (insurance) needs. I have hopes that it can change an outdated industry and provide an example for  other companies to follow. This example will include a new quality of life and work flow balance that won’t interrupt, rather encourage employees and clients to seek their own personal legends or satisfaction in life. INTEGRITY, HONESTY, and COMPASSION will be the core elements of this company in its operations and they will be seen rather than written. They will be seen by action. Acts of unwavering integrity in all interactions. Acts of diligent honesty in all communications. Acts of generosity and fierce benevolence to leave a permanent effect on my community and the entire world.

-Anthony DeConti

Anthony DeConti- Founder